With Italy. Around the world.

Sports, territory promotion, Made in Italy agri-food and Italian handicraft run together

Run with excellence is a new chance to balance different passions: sports, Italy and healthy food. The project aim to link sports and cultural associations, institutions and local businesses

The idea is to raise awareness on the healthy lifestyle through nutrition, sports and ecology.

The basis for the format "Run with Excellence" is the desire to conceive sporting events as an important opportunity to promote and increase the value of Made in Italy and its excellent food, crafts and tourism.

Run with Excellence organizes demonstrations, conferences and events. In the coming months, in addition, a team of runners in increasing number will wear the Run with Excellence t-shirt to attend major sports competitions as ambassadors of the excellence of Made in Italy, and to promote sports and good nutrition.

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The events @ TCS NYC Marathon 2016

After the official presentation of the project at the Consulate General of Italy and the participation to the TCS NYC Marathon last year, Run with Excellence is back in New York to take the most important challenge for every runner.

Following the participation to the 2016 Turin marathon, Run with Excellence will be at the Javits Center in Manhattan from the 3rd to the 5th of November.
The day after, on the 6th of November, RwE team runners will take the challenge of the 42,195 kms on the most fascinating streets in the world.

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